A new way to play together

The first and only dedicated Stardew Valley servers.

Archibald's Stardew Servers was created to help make playing together easier for the wonderful community around Stardew Valley. Whether you're in a long-distance relationship and spend time together in Stardew Valley, a parent who wants a safe place to play together with your children, or a group of friends who wants a stable, easy to use server for your community farm (and cave hunts), Stardew Servers is made for you.

While we're working out the last few trinkets, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and share your thoughts, ideas and wishes for what you would like to see implemented.

Thank you very much for your interest, and we look forward to hosting your games soon!

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Easy & Quick

You shouldn't have to be some kind of technical wizard to be able to play together, so we've taken the complexity out of the equation. All you need to do is Install SMAPI and the Stardew Servers client mod, and that's it! We'll take care of the rest :).


We add and modify certain parts to enhance the core Stardew Valley gameplay experience for multiplayer. Small enhancements like allowing everyone to start in-game events, watch cutscenes or unlock the cellar upgrade will help you and your friends experience the best version of Stardew Valley Multiplayer.


Our goal is to make playing together as affordable as possible. Servers are expensive, but we're continuously working on improving our infrastructure, optimizing game code and reducing system requirements to get you the best low monthly cost possible.


You have full control over your game and server through an easy-to-use dashboard (coming soon!) and in-game options. Stardew Servers also comes with a full-fledged permission system, allowing you to give access to or restrict certain game activities to individual players.


Backups of your save files are automatically created. Your server is automatically kept up-to-date. Security patches and other updates are automatically applied. We take care of all the mundane yet important stuff, so you can fully enjoy Stardew Valley multiplayer.


Archibald's Stardew Servers is fully compatible with Stardew Valley for Windows, macOS and Linux version 1.3.36. Follow our blog (coming soon!) to stay up-to-date information regarding compatibility and new features released!



$7.99* /mo

The original game, but enhanced. Play the game you love with up to three other friends and loved ones. Easy and fast to get started, no technical knowledge required.

5 in-game days save history
User-friendly Dashboard soon
Import your save file soon
Supports all official farm types
Everyone gets a cellar!
Up to 4 players

More Friends!

$9.99* /mo

Want to play with more friends? Unlock the games full potential and play with up to seven friends or loved ones on your favorite map. Easy and fast to get started, no technical knowlegde required.

10 in-game days save history
Full Dashboard Control soon
Import your save file soon
Supports all official farm types
Everyone gets a cellar!
Up to 8 players

* Prices shown are tentative, and may change after the private beta concludes. We are working hard on making the system as efficient and affordable as possible. After the private beta phase we will know the exact system requirements and resource balance. We prefer to go this route and share this openly with you so you are fully aware of what is happening and why, and to not overcharge you or make the service unsustainable.


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